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TJ Hoof Care is proud to present "TJ Hoof Hub".

TJ Hoof Hub is an innovative, state of the art mobile data management solution for the cattle hoof trimming industry. Hoof trimmers will now have the ability to digitally document their work, include photos for healing progress management, generate various hoof health reports, manage and view their calendar, build custom customer profiles, create custom items and pricing, generate invoices, communicate with customers, monitor their inventory, and so much more.

Our mission is to provide an efficient and effective system that provides hoof trimmers with the tools that they need to manage their customers, their work, and their business, all while providing valuable data and features to their customers. We understand first hand how much variance there is in the hoof trimming industry as far as business structure and work flow, so we wanted to create a program that could work for any scenario. 

This program is an "as-used" subscription model, meaning the user's cost will be based on the number of animals they run through the system each month.

We have many years of dairy industry and hoof trimming experience, and have brought our broad scope of experience and knowledge together to create a product that can truly check all the boxes.

TJ Hoof Hub is your solution for managing your herd's hoof health in a proactive way.

Let us help you take control of your hoof health today!


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